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Moving Out West!


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Greetings, West Coasters! Jenny and I recently moved out to Mountain View, CA, to take a couple new jobs at Google. We’re looking forward to new technical challenges, free corporate lunches, and living in a state of perpetual summer.

Of course that means I’ve left thoughtbot. Deciding to leave was extremely difficult. thoughtbot’s a terrific shop with kind people that are committed to their work and who were, without exception, an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve had some great opportunities there over the last few years: I started some meetups, spent months teaching at a bootcamp, attended a ton of conferences, recorded some educational videos, and I’ve gotten to travel to almost every thoughtbot office. It’s a great place! I’m just ready to try something a little different.

It also means we left Cambridge. This was a tough choice, too; we’ve got a bunch of friends there, and Cambridge is a great place to live. It’s got a lot of unique opportunities and amenities (living next to MIT and Harvard is kinda fun, turns out) and a cozy sort of livability. Mountain View seems fine so far, but it’s not quite as charming.

We decided to drive ourselves out. I’ve done a few cross-country road trips over the last decade or so and I wanted to drag Jenny along on one. We took the northern route out, going up through Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, then through the Columbia River Gorge and down the Oregon and California coasts. We camped in the Redwoods, saw herds of bison, wandered through Mammoth Cave, and just generally had a terrific time. Photos are forthcoming.

If, by chance, you’re on this side of the country, look me up! I’m aiming to get to know some local folks, so feel free to shoot me an email if you’re in the neighborhood.

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