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The New York Emacs Meetup

Harry R. Schwartz

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Tags: meetups, emacs, nyc.


If you’re an NYC-based Emacs enthusiast (or if you’re even just a little lambda-curious), you should join the New York Emacs meetup group! We just launched today, and we’re planning our first meeting for sometime in April. Subsequent talks will be approximately monthly.

We’ve already got space, a couple speakers (including yours truly), pizza, and drinks lined up, so all you’ll need to bring is yourself. Go sign up!

If you’re not a fan of meetup.com, we’ve also got a regular website, where we’ll be posting meetups and news though RSS. We’ll also be posting videos of the talks.

Also, if you’d be interested in giving a talk at a future meetup, shoot me an email! Preferably through mu4e, notmuch, or gnus, naturally.

If you’d like to talk, but don’t know what to talk about, we’ve got a little list of possible topics.

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