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Conferences Past and Future


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I’ve been to a bunch of conferences over the past year or so, but I seem not to have discussed them thoroughly on this blog. I’d like to document them better in the future.

Meanwhile, here’s a big ol’ list of the conferences that I’ve attended in the last couple of years:

  • Wicked Good Ruby Conf, Boston, October 2013
  • RailsConf, Chicago, April 2014
  • !!Con, New York, May 2014
  • GoRuCo, New York, June 2014
  • HOPE, New York, July 2014
  • PyGotham, New York, August 2014
  • Maker Faire, New York, September 2014
  • RubyConf, San Diego, November 2014
  • Compose, New York, January 2015

And here’s my upcoming schedule:

I’m still thinking about what else I’d like to attend. Possibly PLDI (in Portland in June this year!), and certainly Sacha Chua’s virtual Emacs conference.

This year I’m aiming to attend fewer and more academic conferences. Any suggestions on good stuff I’m missing?

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