Socrates and Glaucon on the HSN

Socrates and Glaucon on the HSN

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GLAUCON: Then yes, I agree that one could add such technology to an ordinary mop. But would it still be an ordinary mop, Socrates?

SOCRATES: Very astute, Glaucon. It would not. For convenience’s sake, let’s call it the EZ-Klean Mop™. Now answer me this: would the EZ-Klean Mop™, given that it has the Dirt-Fighting Technology™ I’ve just described, be able to more effectively rid spaces of dirt or plague?


SOCRATES: So you agree that it can clean better than an ordinary mop?

GLAUCON: I believe so.

Another fine article from McSweeney’s: Socrates and Glaucon on the Home Shopping Network.

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