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Some Simple LaTeX Project Templates


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Tags: computer-science, writing.

Most of my writing is done in either org-mode or markdown, but for big, fancy projects, nothing beats LaTeX for professional-quality typesetting.

Initializing a blank LaTeX project requires jumping through a few hoops. You have to create a few directories, initialize a git repo, create a plain document, link it to BibTeX, and (at least in my workflow) create a Makefile.

I basically hate doing that. So, in the spirit of Larry Wall’s Three Virtues, I’ve lazily automated the process away so I never have to do it again. Instead, I can clone from a couple of bare-bones git repos to start a new project. I’ve also put them on github, so you, too, can try them out (and send me pull requests :).


There are two repos: one for creating simple LaTeX papers, and another for creating presentations using Beamer (which I also love).

Hope it’s useful!

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