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Pet Names


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Tags: computer-science, language, hypertext-art-installations, ruby, web.

Updated 10/21: The Questionable Pet Name Generator has been reborn as a single-serving webpage, so it’s now accessible even to poor savages without a Ruby interpreter.

I recently wrote a utility for generating pet names. A good pet name is basically just FOOD-NAME + BODY-PART, which is exactly what this script produces. So if you’d like to show someone that you care about them, but not enough to put forth any actual creative effort, give it a shot!

Some sample output:

  • salt-arm
  • cherry-finger
  • spinach-bottom
  • almond-eyebrow
  • aubergine-knees
  • prawn-hip
  • sourdough-shoulder
  • corned-beef-lip
  • halibut-ankle

Caret-dash-caret illustrated a couple of them: take a look at cod-legs and taffy-neck. So good!

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