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Datalog User Manual


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Tags: computer-science.

Datalog is a declarative programming language. It’s a strict subset of Prolog, with a couple slick properties:

  • Its queries are guaranteed to terminate (so it’s not Turing-complete).
  • Query evaluation is sound and complete.

That’s (usually) exactly what you want out of a simple query language. As such, it’s been getting some not-just-academic interest in the last few of years, most notably as the query language for Datomic.

I got kinda interested in Datalog a year or so ago. I started out by reading the Datalog User Manual, which is a nice introduction to the language. However, the manual’s only available as a website, so I went on a brief yak-shaving expedition and converted it to epub, mobi, and pdf.

If you’re interested in learning Datalog and also don’t like doing your long-form reading in a web browser, give it a read!

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