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Painlessly Installing Conkeror on Mac OS X


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Last night I attended Matt Adereth’s excellent talk on 3D-printing custom keyboards. I noticed that he was using Conkeror, a Firefox-like browser with Emacs keybindings. It looked really neat, so I thought I’d give it a shot and set it up on my MacBook.

Man, what a hassle! It’s really easy to install Conkeror on some OSes (apt-get install conkeror!), but following the official Mac instructions is a big mess. You need to install XULRunner, which doesn’t have a simple Mac installer, and you need to run xulrunner-bin, which doesn’t seem to be included in the framework, and you need to use the --install-app flag, which has since been removed. If you don’t work with XULRunner regularly it’s all confusing and frustrating.


After a lot of digging I stumbled across the conkeror_mac_bundle, which just does everything for you.

Installation instructions

You’ll need Firefox, gcc (from XCode), and git installed.

$ git clone git@github.com:smazga/conkeror_mac_bundler.git
$ cd conkeror_mac_bundle
$ make install

Boom! You should now have a /Applications/Conkeror.app. Open and enjoy!

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