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Defying the Queen Abroad

Defying the Queen Abroad

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Tags: cranks, ruby.

I keep trying to tell people about _why’s List Of Substitute Names For The Maneuver We Now Know To Be Monkeypatching, but that page is terribly hard to find through a search engine, so I’m mirroring it here:

  • Defiling Science
  • Disowning A Grandfather
  • Slapmethoding
  • The Cougar’s Kiss
  • Demolition d’Ruby
  • Eating Donuts On 71st & Grand
  • Duck Punching
  • Patch Adams
  • Personally (and Openly) Slandering David Alan Black
  • This Gesture Has Been Outlawed
  • Betraying The Trust Of This Fine, Fine Nation
  • Blatting
  • Eviscerating Certain Modules Which Made Themselves Ready And Willing To Be My Most Humble Prey
  • Calmly Opening The Cooler
  • Shaken Mixin Syndrome
  • Just Minding My Own Business
  • A Double Backflip With A Slight Change Of Functionality
  • Giving The Machine Some Vicodin
  • Locking Up The Smithsonian
  • Missus Doubtfire
  • Attempting To Exercise Just A Fraction Of The Lawlessness And Lack Of Discipline Which We All First Learned From Why The Lucky Stiff
  • Entropy’s Apprentice
  • The Evening Before The Wedding Celebration Of Pete Sampras And Howie Mandel
  • Accelerating One’s Aspberger’s
  • Happening To Use The Same Method Name In A Particularly Unfortunate Inheritance Chain
  • Quick, Nail Shut The Orphanage!
  • Defying the Queen Abroad
  • Calling White-Out A Painting
  • People’s Choice Winner Of The 2007 Bloody Knuckles Tournament In Tacoma, Washington
  • Double Feature Of Patch Adams And Mrs. Doubtfire (A Packed Showing)
  • When O’Reilly Wasn’t Looking
  • Stirring The Quicksand
  • Sex In The City Space Shuttle

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