Harry R. Schwartz

Software engineer, nominal scientist, gentleman of the internet. Member, ←Hotline Webring→.

cartoon harry

Lives in the Bay Area with one girlfriend and a whole bunch of houseplants. Works on plenty of projects.

Writes code for fun and Google. Previously at thoughtbot, Ginkgo Bioworks, William & Mary, and Ursinus. If you wanna, you can read the full résumé.

Organizer-emeritus of the Boston Emacs Meetup, New York Emacs Meetup, Ruby Project Night NYC, and the Classical Code Reading Group of New York.

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The best way to contact me is through email. If you’d like, you can encrypt your message with my PGP key:

1B41 8F2C 23DE DD9C 807E  A74F 841B 3DAE 25AE 721B

Bizarrely, I’m also on LinkedIn.